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New Call Center Study Addresses the Importance of Management Involvement in Service-to-Sales Conversions

June 06, 2006

A recent study published by Best Practices LLC, provider of research, consulting, publishing and best practice benchmarking reports addresses the importance manger and supervisor roles play during service-to-sales conversions in the call center.
The study, "Management Activities in Service-to-Sales Conversions in Call Centers" found that call center leaders were not including their managers and supervisors in the service-to-sales conversion process. Involving managers and supervisors should take place from the start since "they are responsible for driving change through word and action on a daily basis," stated a recent release about the report.
According to the news release, "The research details how call center leaders can equip line managers and supervisors with the skills, tools and training they need to manage and motivate frontline representatives effectively through a successful service- to-sales change initiative."
A report summary on the Best Practices LLC website listed key factors addressed in the report:
-Understanding managers and supervisor's role within the change process.
-'Managing' managers and supervisors during the service-to-sales conversion process.
-Defining managers' and supervisors' new roles and responsibilities during a service-to-sales change initiative.
Also highlighted were the following best practices:
- Train customer service managers and supervisors before commencing the transition to a sales-oriented system.
-Work to achieve buy-in from managers and supervisors as a top priority for the service-to-sales transition.
-Designate "time on the floor" as a primary duty for managers and supervisors to ensure growth of sales capabilities and achievement of sales goals.
Stefania Viscusi is an established writer and avid reader. To see more of her articles, please visit Stefania Viscusi’s columnist page.

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