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OpenConnect Unveils Comprehend Business Process Intelligence and Analytics Software

March 22, 2011

OpenConnect, a major player in business process intelligence and analytics software and services, has unveiled Comprehend 6, business software allowing organizations to measure workforce productivity as work is occurring and ensure workflow is generating maximum profitability.

Officials with OpenConnect said that Comprehend 6 was designed to help business leaders who are dissatisfied with the lack of detailed information about the true cost and efficiency of their business processes gain insights into performance improvement.

According to company officials, Comprehend 6 allows operations executives to understand at a granular level the productivity of individual employees, departments or entire business units.

“Increasing the productivity of knowledge and information workers is a key management challenge in the current economy,” said Edward M.L. Peters, CEO of OpenConnect.

“Our customers typically recoup the solution investment within the first year of deployment, and often fund the investment from productivity savings themselves. This is increased profit that can be saved or invested in new job creating activities,” said Peters.

Company officials said that for healthcare insurance providers specifically, Comprehend 6 includes the Healthcare Insurance Solution Accelerator Template. This solution accelerator kit contains pre-defined reports, dashboards and analytical workflows in the areas of Workforce Productivity and Auto-Processing.

An easily customizable solution template allows Healthcare Insurance companies to quickly start understanding their cost drivers and identify opportunities to improve their business based on industry standards and best practices.

Also new in Comprehend 6 is an Auto-Adjudication Solution Kit. Designed for those organizations whose business includes claims processing, Comprehend’s Auto-Adjudication feature illustrates the business impact to pended claims by pend reason, customer, provider or any of a number of other attributes.

Anil Sharma is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Chris DiMarco

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