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Monet Unifies Workforce Management and Call Recording

May 07, 2012

Monet Software’s call recording software helps businesses capture voice conversations with their customers. Combined with call center workforce management, call recording makes it efficient for call centers to optimize operational efficiencies, employee satisfaction, and the customer experience.

A recent Monet blog post highlights the benefits of call recording software combined with workforce management. The combination offers improved service quality, personalized training, increased revenues and profits, ensured compliance, and improved customer satisfaction.

One of the most impactful differences call recording software can make is improving the quality of customer service. It is impossible for over each individual agent to ensure the service they’re providing is up to company standards.

Call recordings also give managers the ability to measure agent ability to adhere to company-approved responses and gauge how they are performing in terms of efficiency, courtesy, and conversational style. The training can be personalized and customized to the needs of every agent, making it more effective. Call recording also allows for ongoing, situation-specific training that guides agents through best practices for several customer interactions.

Call recording improves agent training, which comes with improved customer service. Improved customer services increases profits, customer loyalty, repeat business, new sales, less employee turnover, and faster training.

Also, compliance is an important requirement for many businesses, especially those in the financial services industry. Call recording allows those businesses to be monitored by private and government entities in order to regulate the handling of private financial information. 

The ability to monitor, score, and dissect past and current calls gives managers more control over how their agents engage customers. Call center managers can monitor conversations and address any issues that may be negatively impacting performance. Call recording also allows unhappy customers to be addressed immediately, before they may want to file a complaint. For more information about workforce management unified with call recording, please also see Monet’s call recording blog.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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