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WorkForce Software & EmployTouch Introduce Tablet-Based Workforce Management

May 09, 2012

Workforce management solutions provider WorkForce Software recently linked with EmployTouch to bring workforce management to tablets. EmployTouch is the brain behind TouchBase, a tablet solution for labor-related data collection. What this partnership means is bringing workforce management to the tablet user with all of the bells and whistles that are present in its desktop counterpart: accurate labor data collection and greater compliance with labor regulations.

With most of the world on-the-go, less time is being spent at computers, which means less time dealing with workforce management issues. By helping managers and HR staff be more in-the-know, the tablet-based solution with the joint forces of WorkForce Software and EmployTouch allows for easy employee tracking, task assignments, schedule management, compliance and risk mitigation. By being able to meet workforce management goals on the go, there is no need for the desktop PC.

The EmpCenter Engage aspect from WorkForce Software also serves as a means for employees to communicate. It also supports both multi-touch gestures and the ability to deliver access to third-party applications already designed for the Web or Android (News - Alert). Employers can also make specific Web-based applications or services accessible while restricting all others eliminating the concern that employees will be using the device for unsecure, non-work related tasks.

"WorkForce Software has a long-standing reputation for delivering advanced workforce management technologies, in an open and extensible format, for large organizations and their employees," stated Kevin Choksi, co-founder and CEO of WorkForce Software. "EmployTouch shares the same philosophy and we're proud of both the partnership and the unique EmpCenter Engage solution it has created."

EmployTouch launched TouchBase in October of 2011, coming out in headlines as rendering inflexible electronic time clocks, bulky kiosks, and high maintenance shared PCs obsolete.

“Electronic time clocks have been in an innovation slump for 15 years. We built TouchBase to solve the problem of time collection and employee self-service using modern technology," said Martin Hartshorne, CEO of EmployTouch at the time of release. "TouchBase does everything a time clock or kiosk does, but also provides employees and supervisors with a portable, industrial-grade tablet with unlimited potential."

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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