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Call Center Scheduling: What a Relief

October 03, 2006

Call center scheduling can sometimes seem like a guessing game for managers. Deciding what hours to give agents and working around their schedules, holidays and other events can be daunting enough. Introduce the idea of staffing agents based on their skill sets and the need to change staffing levels based call volumes--- and an even more difficult element is created.
With the proper call center scheduling solution in place, managers are able to better calm the flurry that arises in the call center whenever changes or disruptions in the scheduling occur.  
Managing call center scheduling can become difficult when overlapping time-off requests, holidays and over-, or under-staffing occur.
Having a call center that is not properly staffed, not only offsets productivity levels, but also drains resources and lowers the efficiency of the overall operation. With call center scheduling, forecasting call volumes and assigning agents to work based on their skill sets, avoids employees who are 'just hanging around'.  
Scheduling agents based on their skill set is also a way of reducing the need to route callers. This helps increase caller satisfaction, when they reach an agent who can help them right away, the chance of a repeat customer increases.
When it comes time to make informed decisions about how to better schedule and load the call center workforce to be efficient and effective, employing a call center scheduling solution that plans and forecasts all these various elements is the perfect answer to any call center managers staffing headache. With a good solution in place, even the most complex call center scheduling constraints are answered.
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