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Entity Solutions Launches Post-Recruitment Contract Workforce Management Solution in Australia

May 30, 2012

Entity Solutions, Australia’s leading professional engagement services organization, announced the launch of a Managed Vendor Service (MVS) that provides Australian businesses with a post-recruitment contract workforce management solution. 

The service helps the procurement, HR and finance teams overcome the challenges associated with managing the white collar contract workforce. It helps them manage unwieldy supplier relationships, process inefficiencies and obscure contract labor spending. 

“As contract workforce strategies evolve, Entity Solutions now has in place a service offering which will be attractive to procurement, HR, finance, risk management and recruitment departments within large Australian businesses,” said Matthew Franceschini, CEO, Entity Solutions, in a statement.

The Managed Vendor Service provides these departments with cost efficiencies and increased visibility into their engagement process. The service reduces the sheer time involved in managing multiple vendors while also propelling Entity Solutions as being at the forefront of servicing the needs of both white collar contractors and the organizations they engage with, Franceschini said. With this workforce management service, organizations can replace the cumbersome and time-consuming vendor establishment and contractor management arrangements with a neutral, managed vendor model enabling organizations to control costs, mitigate risk and improve governance and visibility via reporting structures and a single supplier relationship.

Entity Solutions also manages all vendor establishment and compliance issues. This results in faster recruit to hire process for non-panel contractors.  The company also helps organizations mange  potential panel leakage by controlling agreed agency margins and benchmarked contract rates, modes of engagement, loss of intellectual property, currency of insurances and OH&S inductions that the panel would otherwise regulate.

The service results in consolidated invoice distribution of agency margins and provides insights over all aspects of their contract workforce as well as an expedited recruit to hire process. Entity Solutions’ vendor neutral model also promises complete transparency with rates and on-costs. Recently Monet Software, a provider of workforce management solutions, explained seven tips it recommends for effective call center quality assurance.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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