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Buying the Right Workforce Management Solution for Your Business

October 11, 2012

Running a business is full of processes. Whether it’s a small business or an enterprise, processes can get rather complicated when there are a lot of employees to manage. In an era where technology is your friend, it makes sense for any business to invest in workforce management software to better delegate tasks and stay on top of those processes.

Workforce management solutions can decrease the workload of any business owner by providing automation where necessary, all the while tracking tasks and monitoring progress. Whether work is outsourced or handled in house, workforce management software can play an integral role in daily task management and success.

When it comes to deciding on the right workforce management solution for your business, consider all options on the table. In the call center, workforce management is becoming more prevalent, as it can handle tasks like scheduling, coverage management and workload planning.

“Workforce management applications are designed to automate the deployment of the workforce through workload planning, scheduling, time and attendance tracking, resource management, and rules and compliance management,” said Lisa Rowan, an analyst at IDC (News - Alert) in Enterprise Apps Today. “Increasingly, workforce management applications are being integrated into customer relationship management applications in a contact center environment.”

Monet Software is one featured workforce management solution, whose cloud-based product offers features such as workforce management, call recording, quality management and performance management.

In the call center, Monet Live can forecast future call volume, agent requirements, and average handle time. Metrics like these provide call center managers with valuable insight to the call center goings on and from there they can better manage call center agents and calls.

According to Enterprise Apps Today, Monet CEO Chuck Ciarlo says that, when considering workforce management solutions, think about integration, metrics, total cost of ownership, and ease of implementation/ease of use.

Because Monet's workforce optimization solution is cloud-based, there are no large upfront investments or hardware and software to implement.

Workforce management helps minimize labor costs and ensures customers have the brand-building quality of service they need when they want it.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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