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Workforce Management is Getting Social, Mobile

October 17, 2012

Over the years, personnel has evolved into human resources, which is now known as human capital management, but one thing has remained constant; it’s all about the management of the workforce.

Technology has afforded HR many tools to do what they do but do it better, from information access to keeping all the many details of every employee all nice and neat and streamlined. What HR is doing now is taking technology cues from everyone else – they’re looking towards the cloud, business collaboration, and yes, even mobile and social media.

Social media is more commonly known for being a tool that HR uses to prospect potential employees, but when it comes to actual workforce management, social collaboration is the new thing when it comes to praising and thanking employees. According to Ventana Research, Globoforce has harnessed the tools of social collaboration to recognize its employees for a job done well.  

HR professionals are at the center of managing the most valuable asset a company possesses - its workforce - and using the latest technologies to interact and collaborate more effectively is proving to be successful.

When it comes to mobile technology, HR professionals can hire and manage their workforce. Mobile services are being established so that employees can work regardless of location. Managers and employees can connect securely without being tied to a desktop or laptop computer. So many employees are using their mobile device for work, so it makes sense for companies embrace mobile and social communication to increase efficiency.

Mobile technology and social media give the workforce control over their lives within boundaries that meet the company's critical requirements.

To better themselves as a workforce management hub, HR offices need to embrace social and mobile technology to bring together their employees and improve how and when they engage. Employers can boost service levels, employee satisfaction and productivity by keeping their workforce connected.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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