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Why Call Center Management Needs Cloud Computing

December 11, 2013

The cloud is an appealing location for those organizations not interested in large capital investments to expand their capabilities. They do still want access to these capabilities, but not if it means more pressure on the budget than the bottom line can support. That’s where cloud computing presents the most benefit. A number of individuals in call center management are making the decision to move the call center to the cloud in hopes of experiencing considerable benefits.

One of the key cost benefits is the elimination of the large capital outlay and the ability to send in monthly payments based on usage. At the same time, companies can improve agility and reduce IT and equipment requirements, allowing them to invest more time and resources in their efforts to improve the customer experience. It also allows for the support of the home-based agent and a virtual environment, allowing companies to reach specific goals without building out the infrastructure.

For the smaller organization, it also allows for the big company feel. Before the arrival or accessibility of cloud-based technologies, companies had to settle for what they could afford in-house. For the small company, this often meant far less than what was carried by the large corporate environment. The target market was provided with a very different experience depending upon the size of the budget supporting the interaction. Cloud computing introduced a more level playing field and call center management could be just as effective, regardless of company size. 

It also helps that cloud-based call centers provide a low total cost of ownership. Call center management can make strategic decisions about the organization overall without worry that the technology investment will be the main barrier to success. This is especially true when competing against organizations still relying on the premise-based call center solution. It’s much easier for call center management to pitch the value of the cloud-based solution to higher-up decision makers when the low TCO is proven.

As Unified Communications (News - Alert) is gaining momentum in the corporate environment, call center management already relying on cloud computing and VoIP phone systems are well positioned to streamline channels, reduce the cost of operations and focus on the quality of the customer experience.

Monet Software has a proven record in call center management, assisting companies with the solutions they need to optimize on the latest technologies and reap the subsequent benefits. The ease of use and lower operating costs the company delivers across the board is reason enough to consider the measurable benefits a company can enjoy with deployment. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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