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Using Real-time Management for Call Center Insight

August 28, 2014

The call center is rife with changing workloads and fluctuating staffing needs. When it comes to properly running a call center, there are so many variables to consider that aren’t exclusive to agent availability and accurately predicting call volume. There’s skill sets to keep in mind, what kind of calls you’ll receive and when, customer initiatives, response time, call quality and so on. How does a manager get a better view of all that is happening on the call center floor without getting disorganized?

Knowledge is power, so knowing the ins and outs of your call center will help you keep better tabs on what’s really going down with each phone call. How can you get specific information in real-time? According to the pros at Monet Software, it’s all about the key performance indicators (KPIs), of which can be obtained through Monet Metrics.

KPIs provide valuable insight, but sometimes they can also create a host of new issues, keeping call center managers guessing about how really efficient the call center floor is being run.

For example, if KPIs can provide insight on how well agents are meeting their average talk time, what happens when an agent exceeds this time? Will this result in a bad customer experience?

A strong call center management tool blends all of the functions of the call center, including call recording, workforce management, performance management and e-learning functionality, together. It is designed to help call center managers forecast and schedule agents and measure and analyze their performance, and all of this information can be obtained in real-time.

Reports allow managers and agents see how the department is performing and how their efforts effect the entire call center operation.

Excellent customer service, employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and office organization are all desirable characteristics of a company. To achieve the aforementioned, there must be solid call center management tools. These will help break down KPIs and allow managers to better assess their needs.

What do your KPIs say about your call center?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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