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Workforce Management Solutions: More Than Meets the Eye

November 14, 2008

In the contact center industry, there is a wide range of performance in terms of customer service- the right number of contacts per agent, first call resolution, accurate forecasting and optimal management of the workforce. For some, it is enough just to answer basic customer questions over the phone. For most, it is about leveraging assets to drive performance through measurable initiatives.

The challenge for those companies that are actively seeking to improve performance is that they often don’t know where to begin. Many have gone down the road of capturing data in order to analyze it to identify areas of improvement, but such efforts have proven to be fruitless.

To produce measurable results, the contact center must leverage that data to drive behavioral changes to ultimately elevate the organization’s ability to meet and surpass defined objectives. One method that has proven successful is the implementation of workforce management solutions.
Workforce management solutions can serve as a strong catalyst for transformation and improvement, but such implementations are often easily dismissed as merely flashy reports. What is sometimes missed is the reality that workforce management solutions can actually help contact centers to increase revenue, agent productivity, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.
The problem within the contact center industry is that many purchasing managers are under the misconceived notion that workforce management solutions are simply applications put in place to properly schedule contact center agents. While it is true that these solutions help to increase the efficiency of scheduling, they also do so much more.

Perhaps the root of this misconception is the belief that contact centers are driven by automated systems put in place to serve the customer base. While there are often automated systems put in place to help streamline processes, but contact center success is comes from the contact center agents themselves.

When individuals are correctly identified as key players within the contact center environment, those individuals are scheduled according to the greatest need for their talents and the right calls are routed to each agent. This process can only be successful when the contact center first forecasts for the volume and type of calls within a given period – forecasting done with a workforce management solution.
Workforce management solutions are put in place to properly coordinate all activities of all key personnel within the contact center to ensure optimal performance and ultimate customer service. Companies such as Monet Software, deliver the workforce management solutions necessary to drive such initiatives and ensure that the contact center performs the duties for which it was intended – to serve the customer
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