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Monet's AnyWhere Offers Agents, Supervisors Call Center Flexibility

September 30, 2010

Monet AnyWhere is a product company officials aretouting as a tool for “efficient agent and supervisor communication.” Because who doesn’t want that?

Fast, real-time and effective communication between agents and supervisors, as anybody who’s in the business knows, is “important for managing schedule adherence and exception planning.” Monet AnyWhere provides an avenue for this communication through Web-enabled self-service applications.

“Agents are empowered to be more directly involved in the scheduling process by entering exceptions or bids and viewing their schedules at any time,” company officials say, adding that supervisors aren’t left out of the fun, as they can “save time spent manually entering agent requests and have access to key reports from outside the office,” as well as “review agent schedules, approve or decline agent exceptions, schedule bids, and view critical reports.”

Agents can use Monet AnyWhere to request changes to their schedule, since the requests are immediately sent to the agent's supervisor, who can approve or decline. In either case the agent is notified and the request is kept for future reporting. The product can also present unfilled shifts to agents on which to bid.

Monet AnyWhere also lets supervisors have the opportunity to view nearly all of the reports from the Monet Workforce Management System through their Web browser. “In addition,” company officials say, “with ACD integration, supervisors can monitor the live status of agents with a direct comparison to their scheduled activities.”

And since Monet Anywhere is 100 percent Web based, “agent and supervisor communication enables dramatic improvement across multiple locations and easily includes remote/ home-based agents without installing any software,” company officials note.

Monet officials see three areas where the product has advantages:

Empowerment. Agents feel more respected and connected by allowing them direct access to their schedules, and makes it easier for them to volunteer for un-staffed shifts.

Efficiency. Supervisors simply approve or decline agent requests with immediate results. This saves time usually wasted by supervisors manually updating data from email or verbal requests.

Accountability. Monet AnyWhere tracks all requests, whether approved or declined. Agents can be monitored and inconsistent behavior such as turning up sick after their vacation days are declined. Supervisors can be held responsible for approved changes that left the center understaffed.

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for TMCnet here.

Edited by Chris DiMarco

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