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API Healthcare Synergy Now Available to Streamline Workforce Management

February 16, 2011

API Healthcare has announced the release of API Healthcare Synergy (News - Alert). This comprehensive, fully integrated single-platform workforce management solution has been designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. The platform is expected to significantly improve productivity to enable healthcare facilities to deliver more positive patient outcomes, while also remaining cost-effective.

“Fully integrated workforce management systems play a key role in balancing increased patient demand with delivery of cost-effective care,” said Jim Holincheck, managing vice president, Gartner (News - Alert), Inc., in statement. “Solutions with integrated single-platform technology can provide improved efficiency, ensuring faster completion of tasks and less room for errors. In addition it allows managers to make better scheduling decisions that can lead to improved patient outcomes.”

This workforce management platform relies on real-time data to identify current patient needs, while also helping managers to make the right patient and caregiver match based on available nurses and their skill sets. This is possible with the integration of patient classification data with staffing information. 

“By using intuitive workforce management technology to ensure the right patient-caregiver connection, organizations will not only see more positive outcomes; they will also position themselves to realize more positive financial results,” said J.P. Fingado, president and chief executive officer, API Healthcare. “The overall outcome is better patient care and a more balanced workload among nurses. Better equity leads to happier, more productive employees, which benefits the patients and is good for the organization as a whole.”

Tools offered in the API Healthcare Synergy workforce management solution reduce the amount of time managers must spend to create and manage staffing plans. An open shift tool allows employees to choose their own schedule, trade shifts or request shifts. The ActiveRoster and Current Staffing Overview provide managers with a clear view of current staffing levels to quickly determine if patient needs are being met.

 Mobile Device Communication tools ensure managers can quickly fill shifts by broadcasting openings to available and qualified employees. And, a unique overtime analysis tool provides managers with insight into schedules to prevent unnecessary overtime.

“The tools in API Healthcare Staffing and Scheduling Solution have made a significant impact on our business,” said Michele Pfliger, technical staffing analyst, St. Alexius Medical Center. “Because our staffing office coordinators are able to complete the process of daily staffing much quicker they are able to take on some of the additional workload of our nursing managers, allowing them more time to focus on patient care.”

API Healthcare Synergy also helps to eliminate the need for disparate systems and improves the efficiency of workforce management. With new tools, it is easier for clinical and managerial staff to review time cards and for payroll and human resource staff to implement pay policy and benefit changes. This means fewer errors, more time and money saved, and regulation adherence.

Overall, the API Healthcare solution eliminates the need for multiple workforce management systems so that healthcare organizations can operate more efficiently and effectively, always putting the needs of the patient first.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Chris DiMarco

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