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Top 25 KPIs of 2010 Draws from Workforce Management

March 15, 2011 has announced that Talent Development, Recruitment and Human Resources (HR) Efficiency and Effectiveness dominate the “Top 25 KPIs of 2010”. This report presents KPIs in detail, including the percentage of employee turnover, the management-to-staff ratio, employee brand strength and more.

The “Top 25 KPIs of 2010” is a collection of research reports focusing on the most popular KPIs of 2010 across functional areas and industries. has built a strong reputation as an expert in performance management, workforce management and measurement. The company researches the use of KPI-based performance management systems in practice throughout the world.

According to, there is a special relationship between HR departments and KPIs as measurement is an integral part of performance assessments for both individuals and the organization. A KPI is a selected indicator considered key for monitoring the performance of a strategic objective, outcome or key result area that is considered to be important to the overall success of an activity and the growth of the organization.

HR and its use of workforce management can easily stand out as the most mature in terms of using KPIs in its processes. There is also a rise in the level of interest and expertise in HR performance measurement. In fact, the majority of operational manager members of the community run HR departments. The latest report from provides keen measurement in the performance assessments that are used today within the innovative call and contact centers.

In the assessment of workforce management and how it applies to the overall use of KPIs and HR processes, the “Top 25 HR KPIs of 2010” captured the most popular KPIs used within global organizations. The most popular came from categories such as recruitment, retention and workforce management and included percentage of employee turnover; management to staff ratios; employee brand strength; average time to fill a vacant position; and the employee engagement index.

“The Top 25 HR KPIs of 2010 report is a synthesis of what is all about: they form an overview of how HR KPIs are used in practice today, by combining input from the online community with analysis and insights from our research team. By discussing the use of KPIs today, presenting the best practice in documenting them and listing the most popular KPIs of 2010, these reports are valuable resources in promoting the informed use of KPIs or refreshing the existing performance measurement and management practice in any organization." said Aurel Brudan, the Performance Architect of, in a statement.

In terms of running an effective call or contact center, HR managers and call center managers must be able to work together to leverage key tools such as workforce management to forecast appropriately, scheduling accordingly and demand top performance from all agents. A failure to do so can impact the overall organization and ensure a less than desirable experience for the customer.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Chris DiMarco

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