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Is On-Premise or Cloud Call Center Software the Way to Go?

April 01, 2011

We know: You want to compare the cloud-based versions of call center software with the on-premise model to see how the different models stack up in terms of cost, implementation, usage and success of the Workforce Management tool in your organization

We -- and Monet Software -- are here to help:

Consider setup and implementation. The cloud gives fast set up, as the vendor creates the new account and you simply access the product through a web browser. On-premise installations take time and configuration hassle -- both hardware and software.

If you’re into that kind of thing, or if you have the sort of geeks in your office who get their kicks installing new software, who come in on weekends just to get up to their elbows in new product installations, well, you’re golden with on-premise. Of course you still have to worry about your own upgrades, whereas with cloud software you’re paying someone else to worry about all that.

Now consider the upfront investment. With the cloud there’s hardly any upfront investment for software or hardware, but there is a subscription fee, which typically includes support, maintenance and upgrades, your mileage may vary, so check the fine print and ask a lot of nosy questions.

Granted that on premise has a larger upfront investment for hardware and software, what with all the installation, configuration and implementation thrown in, but figure out the subscription fee over the life of the same on-premise product, and you might find on-premise works out cheaper in the long run. You do need to do your homework on this one, it’s a case-by-case advantage for ROI, as what works for someone else might not work for you.

Operating costs are much the same calculus. In the cloud the shared services infrastructure dramatically reduces the cost for operating and maintaining servers, whereas with on-premise you’re running your own server operation, including back ups, maintenance, upgrades and hardware replacement on your nickel. Still, sit down and figure out the subscription fees over the reasonable expected life of the product, and see if it actually saves you money.

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for TMCnet here.

Edited by Chris DiMarco

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