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Workforce Management Success Begins with Quality Assurance

May 29, 2012

The customer service levels experienced by your customer base are highly dependent upon the quality assurance measures that exist within your call center. Without proper workforce management tools to identify and correct weaknesses in the agent approach to interactions business could be lost. Fortunately, Monet Software offers keen insight into the right approach to call center quality assurance. In fact, this workforce management solutions provider recently produced a blog post that outlines the seven tips it recommends for effective call center quality assurance. Let’s take a look at these tips and how they may apply in your environment.

1.      Identify Objectives – any process worth implementing demands a close look at the objectives of the organization for that particular project or process. It’s important that you identify what you hope to achieve from the implementation of a quality assurance program. Make a list of these objectives and match the right call center quality assurance solution to that list.

2.      Transition Ease – any new technology will present a learning curve, regardless of the level of expertise your management team and agents bring to the table. There are workforce management providers out there offering quality assurance solutions that are more user-friendly than others, so chose one that integrates well in your current environment, and can be implemented quickly.

3.      Cost – while cost is always a factor in any purchase, it shouldn’t be an indicator on best fit. The highest price doesn’t mean it will best fit your needs, while the lowest price doesn’t always mean it lacks features. Instead, right fit the solution according to your needs, and explore subscription-based options that reduce capital investments.

4.      Maximize System Potential – it’s easy to only use those quality assurance elements that are easily to learn and optimize. Such platforms can reach from workforce management to every aspect of daily operations, do don’t be afraid to use the platform to its fullest and integrate its capabilities into the day-to-day operations of your call center.

5.      Teamwork – quality assurance and workforce management solutions should always emphasize teamwork and should not be perceived as a means to “check up” on agents. Employees need to know they are an important part of the overall process and how their actions and activities lead to the common goal. Likewise, individual achievements should be recognized.

6.      Consistency – the implementation of a quality assurance platform shouldn’t stop with the customer base. The manager who stresses quality customer care, but then doesn’t treat the agent base with the same quality sends a mixed message. Perform internally as you expect your agents to perform when interacting externally.

7.      Self-Evaluation – workforce management and quality assurance platforms should allow agents to analyze their own performance and adjust their habits as necessary. This does not negate supervisor coaching or training, but instead acts as a complement to this process of consistent improvement.

As the competitive landscape continues to intensify, the call center is under increasing pressure to stand apart from the competition in quality of service delivered. By paying attention to these seven tips for selecting a quality assurance platform, the right fit is the more likely purchase.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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