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XLScheduler Looking to Expand Its International Reach

June 19, 2012

When it comes to saving money in a call center, sometimes a simple change in workforce management solutions can make a huge difference. Using the right workforce management software can help prevent over scheduling and cut down on overtime, often resulting in cost savings as high as 10 percent. One company that is trying to spread the word about these savings opportunities – and spread it far beyond it home country of Sweden – is XLScheduler.

At the Call Center Show in Las Vegas, I had the chance to speak with Saila Andersson, key account manager at XLScheduler. Andersson touted the fact that XLScheduler is expanding well beyond its Scandinavian roots. The company has 15 employees and is based in Sweden, though it has recently scored customers in Germany and Poland.

In addition it its recent wins in Europe, XLScheduler has had a great deal of success here in the United States. Right now, the company boasts over 100 US installations and is planning to expand with more US partners in the near future.

Currently, XLScheduler is targeting small and medium call centers in the United States who could really benefit from the workforce management software. According to Andersson, the program is designed to save time and money, creating optimal schedules quickly, often in less than a minute. It helps minimize employee costs, especially in regards to under or over staffing concerns in seasonal businesses.

Andersson stated that her team has been adding additional reports to the software, helping call center managers analyze call traffic and agent performance, and XLScheduler can customize the key performance indicators for each client. Additionally, the team is always adding new features, including real-time adherence reports and the ability for agents to see schedules, breaks and shift changes. Truly, it is a solution that would help any call center manage its workforce, resulting in many opportunities for cost savings.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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