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Reaching Your Contact Center's Goals with the Help of Call Recording

August 20, 2012

If you run or manage a call center, it's probable that you spend most of your professional life chasing several goals: keeping costs down, meeting service levels, keeping customer loyalty high and reducing expensive agent turnover. While there's no one magic bullet solution to accomplish all these tasks, a high quality call recording solutions comes close, and can certainly address each goal.

Today's call recording software is a powerful tool for businesses to accurately capture voice conversations with their customers, writes workforce optimization solutions provider Monet Software in a new white paper. It's also as similar to older call recording solutions as chalk and cheese. These newer solutions help contact centers improve interaction with customers, comply with regulations and internal policies, mitigate risk of litigation, monitor quality of service, identify training needs, and leverage recorded calls to gain more business insight.

For starters, a good call recording solutions can improve service levels. While older solutions only monitored agents on “special occasions” (and the agent generally knew he or she was being monitored), today's call recording can take larger, more random pictures of the work agents are doing.

“An agent not being able to tangibly feel her calls being monitored coupled with the fact that her calls can be analyzed at random results in a more complete assessment of typical behavior,” writes Monet. “And if a call recording program is implemented in a positive manner, agents may be inclined to better themselves in order to collectively raise a company’s customer service.”

Next, a modern call recording solution can lead to better training. By hearing themselves more often, agents can strive to adjust their own performance on calls.

“A recording of each call ensures management and call center trainers have the means to not only measure their agents’ ability to adhere to company-approved responses, but to gauge how they’re performing in terms of efficiency, courtesy, and conversational style,” according to Monet. 

Recorded calls can also be analyzed and group to create real-life “case studies” of quality interactions, undesirable interactions and everything in between.

Next – and this is the benefit that will resonate the most with customer-facing businesses – a well designed call center recording solution can lead directly to improved sales and profits. By using historical calls to adjust training and maximize customer loyalty, companies can boost revenue.

Monet writes, “Call recording software’s return on investment can come to fruition rather quickly in the form of more up-sells, customer loyalty, repeat business, saves and new sales, less turnover, faster training cycle, and time for new hires.”

What this all means is that a modern call recording solution has some of the fastest return on investment (ROI) in the call center industry, boasting both direct and indirect benefits that can lead to an improvement in a company's bottom line.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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