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VoIP Call Recording and Workforce Management: A Potent Combination in the Cloud

September 17, 2012

It seems these days that everything is going to the cloud, albeit for a good reason. The latest software to reach it is an integrated combination of VoIP call center recording software and workforce management (WFM), a workforce optimization solution that can boost the performance and efficiency of call centers.

With VoIP call recording and workforce management combined, user management activities are consolidated through a centralized administration, reducing redundant management and siloed user databases. As such, time and money are saved from any unnecessary databases or layers of management.

Furthermore, as both call recording software and WFM software gather data, sharing from both between management, teams, and analysts becomes much simpler. This leads to better collaboration between groups, letting them work together and improve the quality of customer calls. They’re also provided with better call center insights, metrics, and alerts, making for more information, faster decisions, and improved performances.

By creating cross-functional teams and keeping them in sync, they can work together on larger challenges, and coordinate for the most efficiency. It cuts down on calls waiting, and lets everyone work around a schedule that suits them all. Nothing improves efficiency quite like good teamwork.

Of course, all this can be a cloud-based solution as well. By hosting it in the cloud, the company can save money on on-premise solutions, while making it accessible for team members over a variety of devices and locations. While those are the same benefits that any cloud-based solution can offer, the effectiveness cannot be denied. Still, for those who still have concerns about moving software to the cloud, on-premise solutions can work just as well.

All of this even comes at a lowered cost, due to the centralized administration reducing overhead. In other words, the team will perform better and faster while costing the company less. It’s hard to lose in that situation.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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