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Notable Solutions Introduces New Productivity App for Mobile Workforce

September 26, 2012

Notable Solutions recently introduced a new productivity app which allows the mobile workforce of an organization to easily access business processes over their smartphone and tablet devices.

Leveraging the NSi Mobile app, users will now be able to use the powerful NSi AutoStore solution which has been designed to support mobile document and photo capture, secure processing of electronic forms, secure access to files in the user’s home directory, and secure print-on-demand options. 

Key features of the NSi Mobile includes mobile document and photo capture, which means information on a user's mobile device such as e-mail attachments, files and photos can be delivered to other business applications directly, enhancing real-time situational awareness of the activity and leading to faster time to resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Users also see secure processing of electronic forms, which allows remote workforces to complete electronic forms over their mobile devices via two-way data validation for ensuring the delivery of accurate information to the business process and reduction in both paper usage and errors.

“As smartphones and tablets become more ubiquitous, mobile workers are increasingly looking for ways to keep business processes moving forward while not in the office,” said Mehdi Tehranchi, CEO at Notable Solutions. “The ability to capture information remotely and tie it back to an organization’s business applications is vitally important to improving customer satisfaction, meeting regulatory compliance, and increasing business productivity. With NSi Mobile, NSi further demonstrates our ability to bring innovative new solutions to market which enable customers to meet their evolving business needs.”

NSi Mobile also includes secure file access which supports the integration of MyFiles with the organization’s existing infrastructure, allowing users to access files from their home directory or via the corporate network.

The Secure pull print capability of the NSi app allows employees to print “on-demand” documents using any MFP or networked printer within their organization by selecting the closest networked MFP/printer through their mobile devices, or by scanning the QR code attached to the printing device. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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