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The Pieces of Good Call Center Workforce Optimization Software

October 01, 2012

For all the advancements of technology, a call center is still defined by the people working it. Helping call center agents perform at their best and give quality customer service, however, is a job for technology. This is where call center workforce optimization software comes into play.

Simply, call center workforce optimization software helps call center managers deal with the challenge of having the right number of agents with the right skills delivering great customer service while staying within compliance with regulations and policies.

With it, “call centers can quickly and easily optimize all aspects of their workforce with one affordable solution,” according to a recent blog post by call center management solutions provider Monet Software, “resulting in better utilization of resources, better cost management and improved service levels.”

There typically are five components to call center workforce optimization software, according to the post: Workforce management, call recording, screen capture, quality management and performance management and agent analytics.

Workforce management includes call center forecasting and employee scheduling software solution such as ACD integration, real-time agent adherence, intra-day management and agent-supervisor collaboration, according to Monet.

Call recording plays an important role in call center workforce optimization software by improving customer interactions, complying with regulations and internal policies, mitigating risk of litigation, monitoring quality of service, and leveraging recorded calls to gain business insight.

In addition to call recording, screen capture is usually a part of such packages because it “provides an easy way to capture, monitor, store and manage customer interactions to improve your customer service as well as ensuring regulatory compliance,” according to Monet.

The forth component in a typical call center workforce optimization software package is quality assurance, which includes evaluating agent performance and getting data to better manage service delivery.

Finally, a good call center workforce optimization software package will include performance management and agent analytics.

“Agent performance management is an integral part of managing the call center and helps you to align your people, processes and systems to your goals and objectives, such as customer satisfaction, cost control and revenue goals,” according to Monet.

When you put it all together, call center workforce optimization software “helps companies redefine the way they operate and establish a more proactive and flexible call center management,” according to the blog post by Monet. “Only an integrated WFO suite allows call center managers and supervisors to ‘connect the dots’ and get the whole picture, allowing them to positively impact productivity, quality and the bottom line.”

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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