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Kronos, Prime Care Technologies Deploy Workforce Management Solution at American HealthCare

October 18, 2012

Kronos (News - Alert), a provider of global workforce management solutions, has been selected by American HealthCare to monitor and manage its workforce and reduce unnecessary labor spend.

To support this initiative at American HealthCare, Kronos has partnered with Prime Care Technologies (PCT), which provided real-time reporting capabilities through its digital dashboard data mining solution, primeVIEW. The integrated solution helps American HealthCare control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Implementing workforce management solutions featuring advanced, real-time reporting capabilities provides visibility into accurate and actionable information.

“Before implementation of the Kronos and PCT solutions, our staff spent hours reconciling timecards and direct care hours because the information had to be generated manually and after-the-fact,” said Jim Garrett, vice president of information systems at American HealthCare. “Now, the American Healthcare management team has real-time visibility to the data they want. We evaluated several vendors, but in the end, the pre-built integration between primeVIEW and Kronos made the difference.”

Kronos workforce management solution reduces unnecessary overtime, limits the use of third-party staffing agencies, and improves efficient use of staff management time, according to company officials. It also provides data mining and real-time reporting of key performance indicators, including labor management, census, accounts receivable and collections, RUGs reporting, and more.

American Healthcare team worked closely with Kronos and PCT project managers to create, configure, and deploy primeVIEW to key facility, regional, and corporate staff.  PCT’s primeVIEW reporting tool has the capability to automatically retrieve data and refresh the information displayed in the dashboard as frequently as the customer, such as American HealthCare, requires. Management has the capability to view such labor-related KPIs as overtime, agency usage, and labor-to-budget total hours and ppds, by company, region, facility, department, and employee.

“Working with Kronos’s automated workforce management solutions and data, it’s very easy for us to pump the required information into our customers’ respective dashboards,” said Jim Hoey, PCT’s president and CEO, in a statement. “Our mission is to apply today’s IT solutions to long term care’s pain points, especially labor management.”

“We applaud American HealthCare for investing in workforce management, as labor is a long-term care provider’s biggest asset,” said Brian Graves, global healthcare leader, Kronos.  “People care for people in the long-term care industry and forward thinking organizations such as American HealthCare are increasingly utilizing more advanced workforce management tools for the best business outcomes.”

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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