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Feedback from Customers Can Improve Workforce Management

May 08, 2014

When students take a test or write a paper, they are assigned a grade that lets them know how they’re doing. If their grades are on the lower end of the scale, they know it’s time to step up their game. If their grades are really good, then they know they have to keep at what is working and strive to continue the good work. Feedback in the call center works very much the same way.

Consider your call center a student and the customers are your teachers. They are carefully watching your performance, and giving them the opportunity to submit feedback is your report card. Without this crucial information, you’ll never know if your call center is making the grade. How does your call center fair on the report card of customer service?

Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Ratings feature allows your “teachers” to give their input on how you’re doing, so if you’re in a situation that needs some fixing, perhaps you need to understand your teachers better, or you’re doing something pretty awesome, then you can take this information and put it towards actionable items that can improve upon processes, agent performance and give the customers what they need and want.

The ratings feature is your key to insight, and much like the report cards that are sent home, comments and specifics are presented to help obtain an overall picture of how you’re doing.

Providing feedback can improve employee morale and reduce confusion regarding expectations and current performance. Think of feedback as guidance that will enable your agents to learn as well as improve the quality of his or her work. You will also see a difference in how feedback enhances your interpersonal relationship with your employees and your customers.

As companies grow, ownership and management may become isolated from what is happening on the front lines. A well-implemented customer feedback program gives decision makers the information they need to steer the course of their businesses.

In this day and age, the average business loses a percentage of their customer base every year, and most don't know why. Increased competition, pressure for time, decisions, and action are burdening businesses. To gain a competitive advantage over their competition and to grow a healthy business, smart owners and their managers are putting customer feedback to work for them.

How is your call center making the grade? 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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