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Workforce Management Solutions Invite Agent Input

December 10, 2008

If any contact center manager were to ask one of its younger, frontline customer service agents what changes they believe would benefit the company, more than likely the agent would have quiet a few ideas. Whether or not all of these ideas would be realistic or beneficial, some may never know as thousands of agents are never given an opportunity to provide input.
Workforce management solutions enable the contact center to optimize its total workforce to ensure that all volume is properly forecasted, agents are scheduled according to availability and skill, and that call processes are streamlined to deliver a better experience for the customer and the company.

Another often overlooked benefit of workforce management solutions is their ability to allow agents to provide input into their scheduling, everyday processes and even overall center operation. Such an approach enables these agents to take ownership in their positions and their company, helping to spur agent loyalty and reduce overall attrition.
When contact centers rely on their workforce management solutions to empower their workforce, they do much more than streamline processes and operations. Workforce management solutions invite input that can result in extremely valuable information being captured in the system that can be used to improve overall practices.

Those agents that serve on the frontline are the first point of access for customers. They are often the first to hear of issues concerning the customer, internal processes, Web site, etc. Without a forum in which to share this information, key decision makers may not steer the company in the right direction with drastic effects.

Workforce management solutions go a long way towards enabling the organization to properly deliver the optimal customer experience for all interactions. But, the organization may not be able to realize all of the benefits that the solution can provide unless they maximize its reach and invite agent input.

These solutions can also provide a platform for agent collaboration. Within the workforce management platform, agents can share important information on particular shifts, campaigns, pattern, etc.

Offering such a platform not only invites agents to share their opinions; it fosters an environment of sharing and teamwork; one where the agent feels their contributions and opinions are valued. This type of environment can greatly reduce agent attrition and greatly improve overall performance. 

Companies such as Monet Software offer workforce management solutions that do so much more than manage the workforce or produce agent schedules. These solutions are designed to be innovative and intuitive, customized according to the contact center’s needs and environment to produce the best experience for all.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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