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Workforce Management Solutions Improve Productivity and Efficiency

January 07, 2009

The contact center industry faces consistent complexity and change as the companies operating in this space must not only support the customer base, they must also efficiently manage their own operations to ensure they are delivering value to the organizations they supports.

Contact center management has come a long way in that contact center leaders have recognized the importance of training, proper scheduling and motivating their agents to reduce attrition. Traditionally, many of the activities associated with training, scheduling and even motivation were completed manually and workforce management was a process conducted by a workforce management team.

In order to ensure contact center managers can drive effective operations, many now turn to automated workforce management solutions. While traditionally underused in this space, contact center managers are increasingly recognizing the value of workforce management solutions as they help to drive complete efficiency within the contact center environment.

Workforce management solutions provide contact center managers with the tools necessary to properly forecast for call and contact volumes, schedule according to forecasts and agent availability and incorporate other key contact center initiatives into the workday.

One of the most important aspects of the contact center is the ongoing training and coaching of its agents. Whether these activities are to take place during specific hours of the workday or over the course of a week, they must be accounted for in the scheduling and management of the contact center. While this can be done manually, an automated system would take less time and deliver better accuracy.

As the slump in the economy continues to put pressure on companies throughout the world, those areas of the organization that do not drive revenue are at greater risk for downsizing, outsourcing or even elimination. The implementation of a robust workforce management solution can help to maximize efficiency in the contact center, thereby reducing overall operating costs.

While opting to implement a workforce management solution can go a long way to improving the overall operation of the contact center, it is important that the center select the right solution and train effectively on the system itself. Working with a proven leader in the industry will provide the contact center with the expertise and tools necessary to properly train all users on the workforce management system.

Monet Software has a successful track record in not only right-fitting the workforce management solution to the contact center, but also ensuring that users are adequately trained and comfortable in using the system. In doing so, Monet is able to help their clients create a productive and efficient environment that will impact the bottom line.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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