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Workforce Management Solutions Help to Reduce Contact Center Expense

February 13, 2009

Contact center managers have a lot going on in their environment. Not only do they have to ensure that every customer contact is handled properly, they also have to effectively manage their workforce.

While some accomplish this management with the use of software solutions and spreadsheets, progressive contact center managers are discovering the many benefits of workforce management solutions.
According to DMG Consulting LLC, a firm focused on providing market research and analysis for the contact center market, workforce management solutions are among the most important productivity tools in the contact center.

Such solutions have been proven to improve contact center performance, enhance the customer experience, promote customer retention and reduce operating costs and agent attrition. In doing so, workforce management systems can very quickly pay for themselves.

According to research completed by DMG over the past two years, when workforce management is tightly facilitated and monitored within the contact center, it can help the center to reduce expenses by as much as 10 to 20 percent.

Even in the midst of this reduction in expenses, the solution can also help to preserve service levels and customer experience. In a time where budgets are being trimmed to the bone, such a solution can bring even more value to the organization.

Workforce management solutions are even gaining attention at the executive level. Global competition continues to intensify, especially in the contact center industry, and efficient operations are essential to maintain performance. With the rising threat from lower cost offshore options, American contact centers have to step up their efforts to operate efficiently.
Happy and satisfied agents help to create an environment that is conducive to delivering proper customer service and driving productivity. This satisfaction is the result of a workplace where requests are regarded and observed, schedules are designed according to skill and availability and the center is always adequately staffed according to expected volume.

Creating this environment has traditionally been done through manual processes, which could often require numerous hours while being vulnerable to human error. By automating the management of the workforce, such weaknesses as human error and biased scheduling can be virtually eliminated.

Monet Software offers workforce management solutions that can help the contact center to create a productive and efficient environment, while reducing the amount of manual time necessary to manage operations.

The company’s solutions will allow the contact center to improve the bottom line while optimizing every employee’s time. In doing so, both internal and external customers have a better overall experience.
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