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Workforce Management Solutions Help Create Positive Environment

March 05, 2009

With all the doom and gloom reported in the news as of late, the attitude that people have towards their jobs seems to be shifting. Those once looking for all the negatives and reasons to complain about their jobs and their companies are now expressing thanks that they are still able to work.

While this can be good news for the company, simply appreciating a job isn’t really enough to create a positive environment. And, when your environment has an impact on the customer, you need to be able to create an atmosphere that promotes good quality service that is consistent with every customer interaction.
Contact centers are increasingly deploying workforce management solutions to help create such an environment. Those who are making such implementations know that the challenges within the economy are not going to last forever and the customer base – as well as the employee base – must be protected.
A robust workforce management solution enables the contact center manager to establish the parameters of a successful contact center. The manager can then use these parameters that set clear goals for the contact center. These goals are easily communicated with all employees, making them feel a part of the overall strategy.

Such an approach not only involves everyone in the contact center in the establishment of goals, it also allows everyone to take ownership and feel a since of control over their own performance. Workforce management solutions enable all agents to track their performance and set their own goals to drive success.

Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work and a job well done. Workforce management solutions can also be used to set up and track agent recognitions. This positive approach to performance will help to drive continued success and establish a proven path of performance and improvement for agents.

Workforce management solutions also help to ensure that all agents get the scheduled coaching and training they need to be successful in their jobs. It is too easy for agents to get sidetracked and focus only on key performance indicators (KPIs), but without consistent scheduled training, they will be hard pressed to improve in their positions. Scheduling training in a workforce management system ensures that the training takes place and that the agent’s absence is accounted for in agent scheduling.

Monet Software offers a robust workforce management solution that can do all these things and more. And, while contact centers throughout the world are under increasing pressure to cut costs, workforce management solutions are proving to reduce costs, improve operations and help to create a more positive environment that protects the customer and the employee base.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michelle Robart

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