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Monet Software Releases Upgraded Version of WFM Live, Launches New Website

September 10, 2009

Workforce management software provider Monet Software has made workforce management for call centers easier, faster and more affordable through its fully-Web-based Monet WFM Live solution. The company just launched a new and completely redesigned Website that demonstrates Monet WFM Live in action, and, let’s customers and prospects sign up and get started.

Monet Software is delivering what it calls “Web 2.0 for Workforce Management.” The software’s features and capabilities make it more compatible with the trend toward Enterprise 2.0, making call center forecasting and scheduling easier, more interactive, leverage collaboration between agents and supervisors and providing instant access to the service.

The company claims that the web-based Monet WFM Live -- which requires no client-side software -- gives call center managers and supervisors “the easiest and most affordable forecasting and scheduling solution in the industry.”

Monet WFM Live reportedly sports a whole new look and feel – with a very polished and intuitive user interface – as well as improved speed and accuracy for forecasting and scheduling.

Monet is also emphasizing improved ease of use: By bringing its WFM software from a hosted to a fully Web-based version, the company claims it has made forecasting and scheduling “as easy and fast as using the Internet.” In other words, the software can be accessed from any computer with a high speed broadband connection.

Also, because it is Web-based, that means it is easier and faster to set up – all a user has to do is create a new account (similar to yahoo, etc.) and they can start using it right away, without installing hardware and software.

Along with this, Monet Software offers MonetAnywhere agent/supervisor Web portal, which allows agents to easily swap, bid on, or cancel shifts. This provides a level of schedule flexibility which spreadsheets and manual systems simply cannot deliver. This level of flexibility, in turn, helps drive higher agent satisfaction and retention. The MonetAnywhere portal enables faster resolution of scheduling conflicts -- which are becoming more common as more agent positions turn from full- to part-time – and also improves agent motivation through better collaboration.

One of the biggest advantages of the Web-based model, as opposed to the traditional hosted model, is that it eliminates the strain on precious IT resources, as the software provider manages all equipment and network infrastructure, and is responsible for all system performance, monitoring and troubleshooting. The software is delivered via a pay-as-you go or flat subscription model.

Monet Software claims the powerful features and advanced capabilities of its Monet WFM Live offering result directly in higher service levels, reduced staffing costs and improved customer satisfaction.

The main benefits include:

--Affordability: Low monthly fee, no capital investment, no hidden costs
--Ease of use and set up: started within days, easy to learn and use
--Complete functionality: Forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, reports and agent collaboration
--IT friendly: Secure, 100 percent Web-based, no installation or maintenance
--Proven results: Improved service levels, reduced costs and lower agent turnover

For more information about Monet WFM Live – and to check out the new Website – click here.

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