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Ventyx to Go Live Service Suite Release 9 WFM Solution Summer 2010

March 22, 2010

Ventyx, which supports the energy delivery and communications industries, says it will launch Release 9 of the company's Service Suite software solution in the summer of 2010. Service Suite Release 9, it says, will be the first package to deliver the full breadth of enterprise workforce management (EWFM) functionality supporting all classes of field service work -- all within a single integrated application.

One key area has been to couple the software’s support for high-volume, short-duration orders with greater support for complex, multi-step work enabling management of all field resources with a single EWFM solution.

Service Suite 9 will now support—from top to bottom—all of the work types conducted by a T&D (transmission and distribution) utility or a communications company. The software supports construction, inspections, maintenance and outages/leaks, as well as customer and meter services work orders for utilities. It backs network builds, maintenance, work requests, service orders and trouble calls worked by communications companies’ field workforces. To provide this scope, the solution has been greatly expanded to cover the complexities and often-lengthy job duration of asset infrastructure work orders conducted in the field.

The Service Suite 9 release of the software will extend the range of its functional capabilities to support the entire breadth of workforce management features, including:

--Forecasting: Enabling organizations to create accurate and transparent predictions of future work demand by automatically learning from past events; enables organizations to balance demand with technician capacity, including the ability to evaluate and apply factors that influence future demand
--Scheduling: The software continuously and automatically optimizes the schedule to ensure the most efficient assignments
--Dispatch: Service Suite 9 gives dispatchers the tools and information to monitor work progress in the field in real time and make informed decisions in response to jeopardy conditions or high-priority situations
--Mobile: The Service Suite application allows technicians to access customer and asset information, view maps, report work status, collect and validate results and query enterprise applications for additional information—all wirelessly and in real time
--Reporting: Service Suite 9 provides critical visibility into historical performance and operational status, allowing the operator to manage the real drivers of workforce performance to maximize efficiency

“Ventyx continues to lead the way in the enterprise mobile workforce management market, with Service Suite 9 truly making us 'First in the Field,'” said Ventyx VP and GM, Mobile Workforce Management, Rick Nott. “Service Suite is the first EWFM solution to surpass 100,000 field technicians deployed to execute field work orders, and the first to support a single deployment of greater than 10,000 field technicians.

“With Release 9, it will also be the first platform delivering the entire end-to-end EWFM feature set from forecasting to reporting while also supporting top-to-bottom work order coverage required by both utilities and communications companies -- regardless of work type. The solution supports everything these organizations' workforces require to perform their work in the field, including work and asset management, meter readings and customer service by utilities, as well as network builds, network maintenance, service orders and trouble calls for communications companies.”

Brendan B. Read is TMCnet’s Senior Contributing Editor. To read more of Brendan’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard

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