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Apple's iCloud: 25 Million Users per Month and Growing

February 28, 2012

Apple (News - Alert) has almost grown to become the most powerful company in the world as more and more people begin to share music and photos across Apple gadgets and additional information in even more places with iCloud. There may be an overwhelming amount of information being shared through the cloud and between Apple products, but iCloud has a positive impact on workforce management within businesses worldwide.

CEO Tim Cook explained in a article that the process syncing up content across all “i-things” had become a hair-pulling exercise. In the last two to three years, we have relied on multiple devices to live our daily lives. It’s no longer a great customer experience to have to sync your iPad to your Mac and then your iPhone (News - Alert) to your Mac and then re-sync your iPad to your Mac,” said Cook.

Cook revealed the latest in a recent series of performance metrics from Apple that are shocking: iCloud recognizes the Mac or PC as just another device and now your life is a lot easier. Apple has 100 million users of iCloud and just launched it in October. This equals 100 million iCloud users in four months, or about 25 million per month, which is almost totaling one million new iClouders every single day.

The impact from the iCloud is profound. It is impossible to understate the gravitational impact Apple has on its own industry, on its customers, and within workforce management of businesses worldwide. The music business, the book business, the media business, iPads in hospitals, and the demise of Kodak (News - Alert) are a few examples of how it can change the world.

iCloud is attractive to workforce management companies such as industry leader Monet Software. Users like Monet find the iCloud easy to use and they enjoy its strong scalability, that it allows for instant set up of an account, and is low in cost as well as low risk. The same principles are true for enterprise software in the cloud. The iCloud could improve inventory management as well as regarding the truth throughout operations within your business. Apple’s extraordinary success with iCloud could change the thinking of many CEOs and other business leaders who until recently harbored some reservations about the riskiness of cloud computing to their businesses.

If you are in the process of selecting new call center software or are not getting the value you expected from your current software, think about how the cloud-based model could be the right alternative for your call center.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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