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Natural Insight Workforce Management Data Shows Retail Economy Improvement

April 12, 2012

Private retail technology company specializing in workforce management Natural Insight has shared an update on corporate performance that reflects record results in operational areas through the Q1 2011.

Tens of thousands of workers used Natural Insight to schedule, track and report on over a million job assignments in more than 70,000 North American retail locations. Natural Light’s results reflect a record 61 percent rise in activity over Q1.

Natural Insight provides a cloud-based platform to improve sales, reduce overhead and provide real-time workforce activity feedback. Through scheduling solutions, task management, data reporting and timekeeping, managers are empowered to coordinate a larger number of workers with less effort.

The workforce management company collected over 30 million points of data related to in-store retail execution on behalf of major brands and retailers across North America. In one of the fastest-growing segments of retail execution, photo validation, the Natural Insight platform was used to collect over 650,000 photos verifying job completion and in-store conditions. Q1 2012 revenue growth was a record 49 percent increase over the same period last year with continued strong results in 2011.

Allowing workers to capitalize on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend and the rapidly accelerating adoption of smartphones in the workplace, Natural Insight customers were offered a free mobile reporting gateway that delivers transformative ROI for retail organizations while simplifying execution effort by workers.

“From our unique perspective of observing detailed retail execution activity over time, it is evident that 2012 is significantly outperforming the prior year already -- good news for product and retail distribution sectors,” said Stefan Midford, president and CEO of Natural Insight said in a statement.

With the acceleration of smartphone use in the workplace, 71 percent of employers allowed them in 2011 the trend towards BYOD and the use of tablets is allowing revolutionary cost reductions for retail execution intelligence while capturing data real-time.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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