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Monet Software's WFO Solution is the Next Call Center Industry Trend

May 16, 2012

These days, global provider of Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions Monet Software is seeing major trends in the call center industry based on market needs and new emerging technologies. The Internet has become critical for businesses to successfully manage business operations and agents are monitoring social media channels to connect with customers and prospects.

The adoption of cloud-based software is accelerating because it is scalable, secure, affordable, and easily implemented. Customers want a fully integrated WFO solution, like Monet’s, to take advantage of synergies across multiple functions. Monet has been listening intently to its customer needs and market demands enabling the company to become a pioneer in technology trends for call centers, such as leveraging the cloud.

“We deliver all our software over the Internet, giving our customers instant access to a best-of-breed WFO solution. As we expand our offering with call recording and quality management we deliver an integrated suite for workforce optimization, together with best-of-breed workforce management and performance management. Customers not only can purchase from a single source, but can also quickly and easily optimize all aspects of their workforce with a single integrated solution,” said Chuck Ciarlo at Monet.

Monet only provides cloud-based call center WFO solutions, ensuring that 100 percent of the company is focused on this model for customer success.

“Call centers tell us, they want to move from a reactive to proactive mode of operation. They want to proactively set goals, KPI (key performance indicators), triggers, alerts, and instant notifications to further optimize resources and improve efficiencies,” Ciarlo added.

Schedule adherence still remains one of the key challenges for call centers. Monet understands that increasing schedule adherence has a huge cost saving and efficiency potential, but customers need the right tools to better track all agent activities to get to the next level.

Along with Monet’s recently announced WFO solution, the company is also introducing Monet Metrics, an agent performance management offering. Monet Metrics transforms call center performance management from a reactive to a proactive approach. With Monet Metrics, customers can manage key performance indicators, set up real-time alerts, as well as access dashboards and reports for agent analytics. 

“This will deliver a constant stream of intelligence helping call centers take the right action to better meet their business goals now and in the future. This is what we call pro-active call center management,” commented Ciarlo.

Monet is leading the industry in delivering Advanced Real-time Adherence (RTA) to address the customer need of more granular adherence tracking. With Advanced RTA, call centers can monitor more agent activities such as handle time, call wrap up, after-work, out-bound preparation and other activities that impact the service levels and performance of a call center, which was not available before. With Monet’s solution, call centers can now easily add unique agent activity types to the adherence monitoring module, set up custom thresholds and monitor all agent activities in real-time with custom alerts.

Monet’s focus on customer needs and industry trends enables them to deliver fast set up and low cost deployment of WFO solutions, resulting in significant savings and gains in productivity and customer service for customers.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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